Get off the beaten track with this vintage and original short sleeve cycling jersey featuring the greatest riders in the Tour de France 70s/80s! 🏅

You will find all the great cyclists of their time: Pantani, Merckx, Coppi, De Vlaeminck, Simpson, Fignon… for a unique vintage jersey that is a tribute to the retro Tour de France! 🇫🇷

We guarantee you will never see another biker with the same jersey !

  • Designed for optimal sweat evacuation.
  • Breathable “Turtle on Road” cycling jersey with an ergonomic cut and ultra fast drying.
  • Front opening thanks to a full zip closure, 3 pockets at the back to slide energy bars.
  • Elastic at the bottom of the sleeves and silicone band at the waist to avoid unpleasant movements.

It sizes normally, take the size you are used to or follow the size guide below.